A New Way to Look at Teamwork & Collaboration


My experience of playing and the impression it left on me, as well as the observations about other players (although in my case I was only playing with one other person, however it was still interesting to observe the dynamic) It's a game that stays with you, and it's not until you reflect on it that you can see the skills you're using, or not, and you begin to think on how you could have improved the experience to ultimately survive (we did not survive). I can see how playing as part of a team could lead to much stronger team building if everyone is open to the experience and accepts there is much to learn about communication, collaboration, decision making and even respect for other players. It's a pure collaboration to survive, and if you don't do this you're not going to make it!


Evivve was a fascinating and enjoyable experience that wasn’t how I expected it at all, and even though I played it a while ago I’m still thinking about it! At first I wasn’t sure how it was going to work, it seems like you’re ‘just’ playing a game, but as it progresses you can start to see the meaning behind it, and by the time you come to reflecting on how you played I had certainly gained some valuable insights into team work, how I contributed to the successes and failures of the mission, and the roles that others played.

Having a facilitator observing, and then helping you to reflect on the experience afterwards, brought many key observations to the discussion. If you are honest and open about this you will be given a lot of food for thought about how your team acted with regards to critical thinking, communication, and synergy.



Key Takeway

My key takeaway was regarding communication, and that no matter how well you think you are sharing a message it may not be getting across, so how can you reframe this to be effective… and on the reverse side there is also the fact active listening to others is vital for being aware of your teammate’s suggestions and observations. Most of all it’s a fast-paced, fun experience where you have to think on your feet and work together, and I enjoyed the challenge of trying to survive!

Denise McDonald

I am a training administrator with 13 years of administration, customer support, and language teaching experience. I am passionate about learning and communication, and committed to improvement with a proven background working as part of fast-paced international teams ensuring that goals are achieved to the highest standard.

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