Evivve is a multiplayer online game-based learning tool that revolutionizes corporate learning.

Evivve is a multiplayer online game-based learning tool that revolutionizes corporate learning.
Evivve is a multiplayer online game-based learning tool that revolutionizes corporate learning.

What is Evivve?

Evivve is a multiplayer online game-based learning tool that is redefining the landscape of corporate learning. Our game-based approach stands as the catalyst for revolutionizing the way companies design and deliver experiential learning.

At Evivve, we believe that learning should be engaging, immersive and tailored to the evolving needs of the organization. Our multi-player game is designed for experiences. Evivve transforms the way in which businesses educate, empower and elevate their teams. seamlessly blend play with learning to create unparalleled for developing and enhancing skills.

We are on a mission to revolutionize how companies learn and grow in the ever-evolving business landscape. We truly believe that games can shape how we think and act. Tiled us to create Evivve.


Our AI-driven solution seamlessly streamlines the facilitation process, providing facilitators with unparalleled ease and efficiency in crafting personalised game experiences that are tailored to meet specific learning objectives.

This transformative technology further empowers facilitators to focus on guiding players, analyzing data, and delivering impactful debrief sessions. By automating routine tasks and enhancing customization, our platform elevates the facilitator's role, amplifying the overall value of gameplay.

Evivve’s unique and captivating sci-fi backdrop creates an immersive environment that effortlessly captures learner's attention and fosters genuine participation. The game appeal lies in the suspension of disbelief, where learners seamlessly immerse themselves in the game experience. This unique approach goes beyond traditional learning methods, as learners experience high engagement levels and enriching learning outcomes. Evivve's innovative utilization of a sci-fi setting isn't just an aesthetic choice, it's a strategic immersion tool that elevates the learning journey, making education not only informative but a compelling adventure. 

Join us in transforming the world of gaming and pushing the boundaries of experiential learning with Evivve.



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Evivve’s Vision & Mission

Company Vision

Evivve offers the world a tool that empowers humans to become the best versions of themselves by creating rich and meaningful learning experiences that lead to deep personal reflection and change. 

Brand Mission

We do this by designing gameful learning experiences that develop awareness, enable learning through reflection and accredit developed skills.

Who are we?

We are a team of seasoned professionals who work at the intersection of games, learning and human behavior. We bring our expertise of product development, game design, software and technology to empower learning practitioners around the world. We are individuals on a unified mission, each fueled by passion and purpose.


Why do we do it?

We believe that there is no better way of learning and growth, than experience. We recognize the concerns that facilitators face in the evolving learning space. Aside from that, we also know the challenges of facilitating a classroom learning experience and we understand the importance of addressing problems. It is this understanding that got us on a mission to enhance the learning process and use the immersive power of games as a medium to make learning more impactful and engaging.

Evivve's Journey and History

  1. The Year Evivve was Born

    Evivve embarked on its journey in October 2015. By February 2016, Evivve facilitated its first session for Motorola Solutions Inc. in Singapore. By August 2016, Evivve became the preferred tool for Mesiniaga in Malaysia. Notably, in April 2017, Evivve was chosen for leadership development at Motorola Solutions Inc., Malaysia. The momentum continued and we witnessed the launch of the first in-person certification batch in August 2017. Evivve garnered recognition while being featured at conferences like the Serious Game Conference and India Game Developer’s Conference in November 2017.

  2. The Year of Partnerships and Recognition

    The impact expanded in February 2018 as Evivve became a core tool for leadership development at Ugam. Partnerships were evident in May 2018 when PwC Academy teamed up with Memcorp to integrate the tool into their leadership programs. Later in October 2018 Flipkart declared Evivve as their favourite experiential learning tool and by May 2019, Amazon India adopted the tool for training on their flywheel model and was showcased at SHRM HR Tech APAC too. Evivve entered the game design curriculum at Ecole Intuit Lab in July 2019, emphasizing its educational significance. We earned recognition by the UAE Prime Minister’s Office for leadership development in September 2019 in partnership with PwC’s Academy. The game made its European debut in January 2020, but the global landscape shifted with the pandemic in February 2020. Undeterred, Evivve facilitated 100% virtually for the first time in March 2020. Recognizing its strong track record, Gamitar transitioned to a SaaS business around Evivve, launching the tool as a SaaS product in May 2020.

  3. The Year of Milestones

    Evivve achieved milestones, launching its first fully self-paced and virtual certification program in July 2020. By November 2020, Evivve attracted over 100 facilitators from three continents and reached 1000+ players in December. The game garnered attention at Gamicon in February 2021 and by June 2021, Evivve became a part of Petronas' New Employee Onboarding program. Deloitte selected Evivve for their New Partner Orientation program in July 2021. In December 2021, Evivve reached a milestone of 10,000+ players and during the same period, Evivve helped its certified facilitators earn a revenue of $8349 on an average.

  4. The Year of Corporate Acclaim and Advancement

    Evivve earned praise from industry giants Intel, EY, Pepsi and Microsoft in August 2021. The game's impact grew as it got featured at Games Based Learning Virtual Conference 2022, in April 2022. 
    Evivve 2.0 was launched in May 2022 featuring automated game session programming and scheduling. The tool continued to thrive and in June 2022, it became an integral part of Petronas' New Employee Onboarding program. In October 2022, an endorsement by Karl Kapp added to Evivve's prestige.

  5. The Year of Collaborations and Funding

    Evivve attracted 200+ certified facilitators from 32 countries in December 2022. In January 2023, Evivve coaching program was launched to aid facilitators in creating new revenue streams. 
    Deloitte reaffirmed its selection of Evivve for the New Partner Orientation program in June 2023, marking three consecutive years of collaboration. 
    Evivve geared up for scale in July 2023 and secured $500k in funding in August 2023, thereby showcasing the community's belief in its potential.

  6. Celebrating Partnerships

    Evivve continued its trajectory of success by celebrating four years of partnership with PwC’s Academy in September 2023. The celebration continued as Coca-Cola selected Evivve for their Annual Learning Fest, claiming its reputation as a transformative tool for corporate learning.

  7. The Transformative Journey Continues

    Evivve looks ahead to continue making a difference to the landscape of corporate learning and achieving new milestones with a focus on revolutionising learning experiences globally.


Meet The Evivvers


Mohsin Memon

Founder & CEO

Tarun Chawla


Biswajit Dutta

Digital Growth Lead

Omar Ismail

Investor & Facilitator

Nirja Raju

Product & Content

Chirag Agrawal

Front End Engineer

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