and Manage

Leverage Evivve's facilitator community of over 100 certified facilitators to organize and manage your own Evivve learning experiences.

Choose this option if you want to use Evivve but don't have the time or inclination to get certified. You can always convert your account to facilitator.

Sign Up for $99 $99 is a registration fee which gives you access to the platform and free access to certification program.

Design and Facilitate

Learn the intricacies and depths of Evivve's game design through a compehensive certification program. You will learn to design and facilitate Evivve for a range of leadership competencies.

Choose this option if you want to facilitate Evivve. You will also have rights to organize and manage games.

Learn More Enroll for only $99 in a self-paced learning program and begin facilitating Evivve in less than a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a manager you are able to create and manage Evivve programs. You'll be able to invite other facilitators to deliver your programs but you will not be able to facilitate learning experiences yourself. As a facilitator, you'll be able to facilitate your own learning experiences. You'll also be able to create, manage and invite other facilitators to join your programs.

You'll have access to all videos, quizzes, and assignments immediately after you enroll into the program.

No. You can complete the certification program at your own pace. But if you would like to earn the free/promotional half-day credit, you must complete the program within 39 days of signing up.

The certification costs $99

You'll be trained in using Evivve - The Leadership Game as a learning tool. Using the knowledge and practice provided in this certification program, you'll be able to conduct your own Multiplayer Game-Based Learning experiences.

Yes. In order to use Evivve - The Leadership Game, you'll have to purchase session credits. There are two types of session credit: Half-Day (3 hour access) and Full-Day credits (8 hour access).

Yes. The certification program is self-paced and takes only 4-5 hours of concentrated effort to complete.

Yes. You can do as much or as little as you have the time to complete. Note: You will earn the free credit only if you complete the certification within 39 days from the day you sign up.

This certification enables you to use Evivve - The Leadership Game in the most effective way. By learning this tool, you'll be able to gamify learning around a range of competencies including (but not limited to): collaboration, communication, problem solving, strategic thinking, dealing with VUCA, project management.