Take Evivve for a test drive. Host games with basic settings at no cost!

  • No credit card required
  • 5 basic (free) games
  • Up to 5 players
  • AI powered facilitation assistant
  • AND, get 1 paid game with advanced settings free when you first sign up*
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Evivve Starter


Seamlessly integrate Evivve into your learning programs. Pay only for the credits you use.

  • No credit card required
  • Unlimited basic (free) games and 1 advanced game per month
  • Up to 10 players
  • AI powered facilitation assistant
  • Add additional facilitators
  • Program customization
  • User-based analytics*
  • Game reports*
  • Roll over
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Evivve Pro


Facilitate like a pro at discounted pricing and hosts of additional benefits.

  • No credit card required
  • Unlimited basic (free) games and 5 advanced games per month
  • Up to 15 players
  • Add additional facilitators
  • AI powered facilitation assistant
  • Learner Activation
  • User-based analytics*
  • Game reports*
  • Roll over
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Evivve for Teams

Discounted Pricing

Deploy large-scale Evivve programs. 50 or more games per month.

  • No credit card required
  • 20+ game sessions with advanced settings per month
  • Unlimited players per game
  • Add more than one facilitator
  • AI powered facilitation assistant
  • Learner Activation
  • User-based analytics*
  • Game Reports*
  • Roll over
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Frequently Asked Questions

Evivve is a game designed to power-up your synchronous learning experiences. Which means, you can take any of your current leadership development learning programs and convert them into an excitable version that can be facilitated using Evivve.

Here is a little document to help you understand Evivve as a learning tool
Feel free to download the info packet for internal use ????

It's extremely simple. Select a plan above, sign up and get started. You could be hosting your first Evivve game in minutes!

Yes you can. You will have access to 5 games per month with the basic (Demo) settings of the game which is good enough for small teams (you can host a demo game for a maximum of 3 players) or for facilitators who haven't managed to secure budgets for a full Evivve experience.

A limitation to be mindful of when using Demo settings: You won't have access to advanced settings mentioned under the headings: "Game Settings" and "Game Controls"

Yes you can. You'll be able to create and manage Evivve programs for yourself. You'll be able to invite other facilitators to deliver your programs. If you get certified, others will be able to invite you to facilitate games.

You'll have access to the game as soon as you sign up

No. You can complete the certification program at your own pace. But if you would like to earn the free/promotional game worth $175, you must complete the program within 39 days of signing up.

You only get the certification with the "STARTER" plan, however you can always take any other plan and then purchase the certification at $99 - (the amount you paid for your plan).

You'll be trained in using Evivve - The Leadership Game as a learning tool. Using the knowledge and practice provided in this certification program, you'll be able to conduct your own Multiplayer Game-Based Learning experiences.

Only if you want the advanced game settings. If you're happy with the basic (Demo) settings with max 3 players, you won't need to purchase the game.

Yes. The certification program is self-paced and takes only 4-5 hours of concentrated effort to complete.

You can do as much or as little as you have the time to complete. Note: You will earn a free game worth $175 only if you complete the certification within 39 days from the day you sign up.

When you use a credit to host a game, you have access to the advanced settings: 
Game Controls.

By using Game Controls, you are able to make game level changes to a live game in the following areas: 
Players States (i.e. enabled, disabled, disaster impact, etc) 
Movilennium Controls (i.e. add, deduct, vary cost of Movilennium)

This certification enables you to use Evivve - The Leadership Game in the most effective way. By learning this tool, you'll be able to gamify learning around a range of competencies including (but not limited to): collaboration, communication, problem solving, strategic thinking, decision making, dealing with VUCA, project management.

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